Are you ready?

The decision to quit smoking isn't one you make overnight. Before kicking the habit, most smokers go through five stages.

Knowing which stage you are at will help you react accordingly.


«I smoke and I don’t want to change a thing.»

You smoke—and you like it! There’s no question of your quitting smoking right now. If this is your situation and you’re browsing this site all the same, hopefully this visit will encourage you to begin considering a smoke-free life.


«I’m thinking about quitting smoking but...»

You’re thinking of quitting but you’re still hesitant. It’s time for you to get more information about tobacco to fuel your motivation. Ask yourself the following questions. The answers might be enough to convince you!

Why do people smoke?
You enjoy the taste, it keeps you awake, it keeps your hands busy, or maybe it keeps the weight off—everyone has their reasons. Once you understand why you smoke, you can find reasons and ways to quit. For ideas, read the section What kind of smoker are you?

Why now?
You’re probably wondering whether it’s the right time. The truth is, the best time to quit is when you feel motivated and ready.

Why change?
If you smoke, it’s because you like to smoke. It’s the same for everyone! It’s a habit people like, and it’s tough to break. Our advice: take a sheet of paper and list all the advantages of smoking on one side and then all the disadvantages on the other. Chances are there won’t be that many in the advantages column.

Why try again?
You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve tried to quit? You’re not alone! On average, it takes smokers four (and sometimes more) tries to quit. Try to learn from your past attempts.


«I’m getting ready to quit smoking.»

6 key strategies to get ready

Some people are able to quit overnight but studies show that the chances of success are greater when you prepare for it.

  • Learn to see yourself as a non-smoker.
    Begin right away to think about D-Day. Imagine yourself on the road to victory after several tobacco-free weeks. See? You’re already proud of yourself!
  • Stay motivated.
    Look at all the advantages of quitting today. Think about the money you’ll save, your newfound freedom, your skin, your breath, and that cough you’ll be rid of for good.
  • Start talking about it.
    By telling others about your intention to quit smoking, you’re making a personal commitment. This can also help you find your sponsor or teammate, if you don’t already have one.
  • Circle your "D-Day" in your calendar.
    The more you think about it, the more you’ll want to do it. The important thing is to set a date to finally make a move.
  • Get information on the different medications to quit smoking.
    Some people can quit without any help or support. For others, the use of smoking cessation support and medication, such as patches, nicotine gum, and lozenges, bupropion and varenicline can really boost their chances of success. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist; they’ll guide you in how to use them.
  • Make your preparation plan.
    With the help of this customizable plan, you can prepare by adapting it to your needs and situation. You can fill it out directly on screen or by hand on a printed version. Don’t hesitate to refer to it often and adapt it over time!

«I’m quitting smoking.»

It’s never easy in the beginning—you have to fight the physical and psychological addiction, which can be as strong as an addiction to cocaine. Deciding to take action is that much more of a tribute to you!

If you’re ready to take action immediately, above all don’t waste your motivation! Head without delay to the Avoiding relapses section to put in place strategies to stay on track.


«I’ve quit smoking and I want it to stay that way!»

Our support and tools will help you stay on track. It sometimes takes six months to a year before you are considered a non-smoker but you’re not alone!

Remember that other smokers are about to go through the same thing. You can share your story on Facebook and help other smokers reach their goal.