Your plan to quit smoking

Like any journey, the one that will lead you to a smoke-free life needs to be planned. With the help of this customizable plan, you can prepare by adapting it to your needs and situation.

Download the plan. You can fill it out directly on screen or by hand on a printed version. Don’t hesitate to refer to it often and adapt it over time!

8 aspects of preparation

The plan encourages you to focus on important elements to consider so you can start off on the right foot.

For example, think about:

  1. your sources of motivation
  2. your sources of inspiration
  3. your tricks to handle cravings
  4. risk situations and your coping strategies
  5. your answer if someone offers you a cigarette
  6. your supporters
  7. your rewards
  8. your medications

To quit smoking, it’s not enough to throw away your pack of cigarettes.

It’s important to prepare to quit; this is a key element to success. Proper preparation allows you to equip yourself with the tips and tools to handle the nicotine withdrawal period.

Excerpt from the video by the Quit to Win! Challenge’s spokesperson, pharmacist Alexandre Chagnon