1. Who is eligible?

To take up the Quit to Win! Challenge, you must be a regular smoker (cigarettes or other tobacco products) as of December 15, 2022, live in Québec and be ready to commit to not smoking between February 6 and March 19, 2023, inclusively. You must also register online or by phone between December 15, 2022, and February 6, 2023, inclusively.

A person may not register for the Quit to Win! Challenge to stop the use of e-cigarettes or cannabis, since these are not considered tobacco products.

2. What is the deadline for registering?

You have until February 6, 2023 to register for the Challenge. Online registration will be blocked as of midnight (00:00 EST) on February 7, 2023.

3. Is the Challenge open to smokers of all ages?

The Quit to Win! Challenge is open to everyone, whatever their age. However, prizes are reserved for participants aged 18 and over. To find out more about the prizes.

4. Once I register, can I quit smoking before the start of the Challenge?

You can stop smoking as of December 15, 2022. However, to be eligible for our draws, you must abstain from smoking for the Challenge period, from February 6 to March 19, 2023 inclusively.

5. Can I use medications to quit smoking during the Challenge?

Using medications to quit smoking (nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, inhalers and mouth sprays, varenicline or bupropion pills) is allowed during the Challenge. In fact, they can greatly improve your chances of success.

6. May I use e-cigarettes during the Challenge?

Participants are allowed to use e-cigarettes (with or without nicotine) during the Challenge because electronic cigarettes aren’t tobacco products. However, we recommend that smokers who want to quit first try proven cessation medications. To find out more about medications to quit smoking.

7. Can I smoke cannabis during the Challenge?

The only requirement for the 6 weeks of the Challenge is not to smoke cigarettes or any other product containing tobacco, for example, a cannabis joint mixed with tobacco.

8. How can you ensure people keep their pledge to not smoke?

The Quit to Win! Challenge is based on the good faith of participants. However, when awarding the prizes we make sure the winners have kept their promise. They must sign a declaration attesting they have not smoked during the Challenge period, and, as the case may require, we reserve the right to have them undergo a screening test.

9. What happens if I have a relapse?

You will no longer be eligible for the prize draw, because to win a prize you must not have smoked at all during the Challenge period. But that is no reason to give up trying!

10. What happens if a person whose name is drawn fails the test?

Unfortunately, that person will not receive a prize. Another name will be drawn and someone else meeting the eligibility rules will be declared the prize winner.

11. If I live in a place where there is lots of smoke, will I fail the test because of the second-hand smoke?

Second-hand smoke is more diluted than the smoke inhaled by smokers, and leaves no significant amounts in the body. In contentious cases, other measures will be applied to determine the smoking status of the participant.