What is the Challenge?

The Quit to Win! Challenge is a province-wide campaign that takes place each year. For the past 25 years, it helps smokers who are ready to quit smoking to take action.

New in 2024: vapers can also take part in the Challenge.

The commitment: to not smoke for 6 weeks, from February 5 to March 17, 2024.

Why 6 weeks?

It's a first realistic and meaningful objective to break the cycle of addiction.

For smokers, 6 weeks without smoking means 6 times the chances of quitting for good.

Support for success

Quitting smoking or vaping can be difficult, but with help and a good dose of motivation, it can be done! Discover the free support tools available in the Challenge:

  • The quitchallenge.ca website
  • The encouragement emails or text messages (during the 6 weeks of the Challenge) AND the I'm Butting out! emails (for 1 year).
  • The Facebook and Instagram communities. Content mainly in French on both.

For more information and support

A winning formula!

After 25 years, the Quit to Win! Challenge remains relevant in Quebec where 13.2% of the population still smokes, which represents nearly one million people. Moreover, nearly 6 out of 10 people who smoke would like to quit.

Since its first edition in 2000, there have been nearly 517,000 registrations to the Challenge. Annual Leger surveys conducted since 2015 show that 3 out of 4 smokers report succeeding in not smoking during the 6 weeks of the Challenge. An extremely encouraging result for participants!

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