Quit smoking
or vaping with
the Challenge!

Why 6 weeks to quit?

Because quitting smoking completely for a given period of time is an important part of quitting long term.

The 6 weeks of the 2024 Challenge: February 5 to March 17

In addition to being a necessary boost of motivation to take action, the Challenge offers a range of resources and free tools. You can use them to get informed and motivated, during and after the Challenge.

6 weeks without smoking means 6 times the chances of quitting for good!

To find out more about quitting vaping

Why quit smoking?

There are many different reasons why people decide to quit smoking, from wanting to prevent health problems to improving their fitness, saving money, or simply feeling less weighed down by the habit. The important thing is to find the reason that will motivate YOU to kick the habit.

Did you know?

  • After 2 weeks without smoking, exercising begins to feel easier.
  • After 1 year, the risk of heart disease drops by 50 %.


How many cigarettes do you smoke per day on average?

By taking up the Challenge, you'll save about in 6 weeks.
That's enough to cover .

* The calculation is based on an average $13 cost per pack of 20 cigarettes.
Why quit?