1) Spread the word

  • Order Quit to Win! Challenge promotional material.
  • Install Quit to Win! Challenge posters and distribute promotional cards in strategic spots at your workplace: in the cafeteria, at entranceways and in corridors, near elevators, on the employees’ bulletin board, etc.
  • Personalize the editable publicity for the Quit to Win! Challenge so that it addresses the people in your organization directly.
  • Make use of the press release from the launch of the program to direct a message to your organization.
  • Put a Quit to Win! Challenge web banner on your website.
  • Use all available forums to talk about the Quit to Win! Challenge: your organization’s intranet network, internal bulletin or newspaper, voice mail system...
  • Take advantage of events, activities or workshops to set up a booth and inform your employees about the Quit to Win! Challenge.
  • Promote participation in the Quit to Win! Challenge by announcing the draw for prizes among members or employees registered for it.

Spread the word and promote the Quit to Win! Challenge so that your members or employees register in large numbers!

2) Motivate your participants

  • Send messages of support to participants by e-mail or to their voice mail or post them on bulletin boards.
  • Install large sheets on walls, in highly visible areas, to collect testimonials from participants and words of encouragement from everyone.
  • Offer prizes for participants and their sponsors or teammates.
  • Send out challenges to other organizations or between different departments or branches.
  • Set an example! You can stop smoking yourself or sponsor someone.

3) After the Challenge

  • Even if the Challenge is over, continue to offer support to ex-smokers – to help them stay that way!
  • Publish the names of everyone who took up the Challenge in the in-house newsletter.
  • Organize “smoke-free activities” to spark everyone’s motivation.

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